Jackknifed semi brought rush hour traffic to hault; Driver gives firsthand account of I-44 pile up

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Emergency crews were rushed to an area where two interstates connect after a multi-car accident brought rush hour traffic to a halt.

Around 4:45 p.m. Friday afternoon, authorities rushed to the area of eastbound I-44 and I-40 after learning about an accident involving six cars.

Initial reports say seven vehicles, including a semi-truck, crashed near the interchange.

The jackknifed semi-truck is blocking several lanes of traffic.

One person was injured in the accident.

The scene forced officials to close down all but one lane of the highway.

Teila Rutherford found herself in the middle of it all. "Oh my God. It's the first accident I've ever been in that I was the driver," said Rutherford.

She says she was driving below the speed limit when she noticed the drivers in front of her were stopped.

"I was almost doing the speed limit again, and I saw them in front of me, and it was completely dead stop," said Rutherford. "Oh it was just crazy."

Little did she know, those in front had already crashed. Troopers say one driver hit the semi truck, causing it to jackknife and sparking the chain reaction.

"One of the cars wasn't paying attention maybe following a little too close and swerved to miss a car in front of her and hit the semi," said Trooper Matt Conway.

Rutherford says they're lucky it wasn't worse.
"It's amazing," said Rutherford. "I think everybody tried their best to do what they could to get out of the situation. It could have been really bad."

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