‘Be Good Bandit’ showcases good manners while robbing local store

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police are searching for a polite bandit accused of robbing a checking store Friday morning.

The alleged crook walked into a Check N Go store near N.W. 23rd St. and Pennsylvania Ave. and demanded money.

One witness said, "He said, 'You know what to do.' The girls just had to give the money out."

That woman says the suspect had a metal object in his hand, which he dropped during the robbery.

The man didn't threaten the cashiers with a weapon, but the witness says she was frozen by fear.

She said, "I didn't even want to move because I was scared after I saw the girls give him the money."

Employees gave the suspect some cash and before leaving the store on foot, the thief showed good manners.

The witness said, "He just said, 'Be good girls.  Thank you."

Police say the suspect ran to an apartment complex just south of the store.

Lt. Greg McCalister, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said, "I believe the employees did the right thing.  They gave the money and he left.  No one was injured and that's basically what we like."

Unfortunately, the suspect wore gloves and a mask, so police don't have much of a description to give out.

Witnesses only described him as a light-skinned black man with a gravely voice.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact police.

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