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Crowds rally at Utah State Capital in support of same-sex marriage

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UTAH – A huge rally was held in Utah Friday evening, as gay couples urged the governor to reconsider his decision to put recognition of the same sex marriages on hold.

Those supporters gathered 58 thousand signatures to get the governor’s attention.

This crowd included many personal stories from recently married couples.

Among them, Candice and Megan Berrett, who attended for their baby daughter, Quinn. “Quinn is the first child that we’re going to have. We’re going to have several others. So we want to put up as big a fuss as we can and to keep these rights so we can have this protection for Quinn but also for our future children.”

A judge’s ruling temporarily opened the door for gay marriages, a door the Utah governor then shut.

On Friday, the Obama Administration announced that the federal government will recognize the same sex marriages that took place in the state before the supreme court put the unions on hold.

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