Officials: Cigarette could be to blame for 10 acre grass fire

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Fire investigators are working to find a young boy they think may have sparked a 10 acre grass fire on the southwest side of the city.

Authorities believe the blaze, which began Monday afternoon near S.W. 74th St. and Council Rd., was sparked by a cigarette.

Dozens evacuated their homes in the Westmoor mobile home community, which sits next to the vacant field that was on fire.

Tammy Goodman said, "My heart started going 90 miles and hour and I thought my home was going to burn."

Bat. Chief Al Cothern, with the Oklahoma City Fire Department,  says investigators believe a teen started the fire.

Cothern said, "We have reports right now of a young boy who was actually smoking, threw a cigarette down and it ignited from the cigarette."

Those who live nearby aren't surprised.

Goodman says teens often jump the fence near her home to smoke.

"I knew this day was coming," said Goodman. "It's my biggest fear."

Barbara Trujillo, the community's property manager, worked with police to evacuate the residents of the 250 mobile homes.

"We got a lot of kids. We got a lot of senior citizens," said Trujillo. "It's very alarming."

If investigators can find the person responsible, they say that suspect could face charges.

The damage was mostly contained to the field, but a vacant, abandoned trailer was destroyed.