How to help protect your home from wildfires during high fire danger

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma City Fire Department is arming residents with the tools and information needed to help protect their homes when the state is under high fire danger.

Fire crews said there are a few steps you can take to help prevent losing your home in wildfires.

1. Prepare home and keep it in good condition
- Keep the exterior of your home in good condition. Make sure all wood surfaces are painted or treated.
- Enclose all porch, floor, roof or attic openings to keep embers and sparks from getting in.
- Keep roofs and guttering free from leaves and other debris.
- Give added protection with "fuel breaks" like driveways and gravel walkways.
- Store all flammable materials and liquids in metal containers at least 30 feet from structures and wooden fences.
- Ensure emergency vehicles have easy access to your home with cleared and properly constructed driveways.

2. Prepare landscaping
- Clear all brush away from your home and, if possible, use fire-resistant landscaping.
- Remove cedars, sage, evergreens growing within 20 feet of your home.
- Mow the lawn regularly and dispose of clippings.
- Keep firewood at least 30 feet from all structures.
- If possible, mowing or disking a 15-foot path around the perimeter of your property can help prevent fire from spreading onto your land.

3. In case of a grass fire...
- Have tools and water accessible. (Shovel, rake, long water hose).
- Dress to protect yourself in cotton/woolen clothing, long pants, long-sleeved shirt, gloves and handkerchief to protect your face.
- Wet down roof with hose or sprinkler
- Turn off natural gas or propane at tank or meter.
- Put all vehicles in garages and close garage door.
- Have emergency kit ready.

4. If you have to evacuate...
- Take your family and pets to a safe location.
- Stay informed on the developing conditions with, the KFOR-TV free mobile apps and our radio broadcasts and on-air broadcasts.
- Obey all orders from law enforcement and fire officers.
- Never drive to the scene of a grass fire.

Basic wildfire safety rules:

- Never throw cigarettes or smoking materials from your car.
- Obey all burn bans. When you are allowed to burn, pay close attention to wind and weather conditions. If your fire gets out of control, you are legally responsible for all damaged caused.
- Immediately report illegal and unsafe burning.
- Store matches and lighters in a safe place away from children.

More wildfire resources:

Oklahoma Emergency Management: (405) 521-2481

Red Cross of Central and Western Oklahoma (405) 228-9500

Wildland Fire Ready, Set, Go

Firewise Wildfire Preparedness

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