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Police searching for man allegedly behind drug store heist

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EDMOND, Okla. - Police are hoping to track down a man who may have information about a drug store heist.

Officers were called to a CVS, near 15th and Bryant, just after 11 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Jenny Monroe, an Edmond public information specialist, said the man fit right in with the other customers.

Monroe said, "They had a gentleman come in, stand in line at the pharmacy. When he's waiting in line, he seems like a regular customer."

However, authorities say he wasn't a regular customer.

Instead, Edmond police say he allegedly stole drugs from the store.

In the surveillance video, the man can be seen walking in the front door of the CVS with his head tipped down.

He then went to the pharmacy counter and allegedly handed the cashier a note.

We're told that it was written in pencil and said, "I don't have a firearm, don't raise any alarm.  I need these things. Morphine ER and Oxycodone 30."

The cashier took it to the pharmacist.

Moments later, the pharmacist comes back and hands the man some Oxycodone.

Monroe said, "When he's at the counter, he looks down a lot, doesn't look up into the camera."

The man then asked for his note back.

Monroe said, "He's wearing a beanie style hat with stripes, a khaki sports coat that is obviously too big for him and then some dark pants. We're hoping someone saw him in that outfit, can tell us what kind of vehicle he is driving or know him. It's a pretty clear picture and they might recognize him."

If you have any information, you are asked to call Edmond police.