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Worried the NSA can read your mind? Group now making “mind protecting” headwear

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Courtesy: Anti-NIS Accessories

Courtesy: Anti-NIS Accessories

Are you worried the government will eventually be able to read your mind?

This group is taking a preemptive strike making “mind protecting,” fashionable headwear.

The company, “Anti-NIS Accessories,” states on their website:

“New forms of neuro-imaging technology are developing that may one day allow for surveillance and interception of the contents of our minds. Anti-NIS Accessories is a series of proposed objects designed as a form of clothing that maintains privacy of thought and action.”

It claims the devices don’t completely block access to the brain because that would require bulky, complex equipment.

Officials said on the website the devices work through “cognitive diversion.”

They said, when the device detects an outside source is trying to read your mind, the headgear causes the wearer to become distracted and think about something else.

That distraction changes the person’s brain activity, keeping the intruder from knowing what they were thinking.

The company advertises three objects:

– A collar which nudges the wearer with a gentle electric shock as a distraction
– A hat which transmits sounds through bones as a distraction
– A mask which distracts the wearer with flashing lights


Design, Concept, Fabrication: Lisa Kori Chung and Caitlin Morris

Creative Direction: Aaron Siegel
Graphic Design: Fiona O’Leary
Photography and Video: Marco Zanin
Video Post-Production: Coleman Guyon
Models: Anita Viero, Gaia Ceresi, Jonathan Chomko