Summertime heat bringing triple digit temperatures to the forecast

State still at risk for wild fires

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Much of the state is still at risk for wild fires, and the high winds make the risk greater than ever.

Saturday in Southeast Oklahoma City, the winds carried flames from a small trash fire into dry grass and trees. Nine fire crews worked to make sure it didn't spread to nearby homes.

All week-long, high winds made for the perfect storm, setting the scene for grass and grain fires. Unfortunately, the danger isn't over.

"The wind's been a killer for us all week." Guthrie Fire Chief Eric Harlow said. "Of course, the forecast has come out for this weekend and it looks like Sunday is shaping up to be basically a round two of what we had this last Sunday."

There are still burn bans in effect for Canadian, Cotton and Stephens county.

You should report any smoke you see immediately.