In Your Corner: Scam artist uses threats to cash in

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Belinda Bentley was suspicious from the get go.

“Every hair on the back of your neck stands up like you can feel someone's eyes on you,” Bentley said.

Still, she didn't hang up.

Instead Belinda played dumb so she could listen to what the lady caller had to say.

“She had the last four digits of my social,” Belinda said. “She had my cell phone number. She had my previous address and present address.”

The scammer then threatened her with a lawsuit over a supposed unpaid bill.

Here's the case number she gave Belinda.

We checked.

That case number doesn't exist!

The In your corner bottom line:

  • Always verify information.
  • Demand written proof.   
  • You should never give out personal and financial information over the phone.