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Okla. woman attacked from behind in armed robbery; authorities investigating

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CUSHING, Okla. - A woman is recovering in the hospital after a robber attacked her outside her work Sunday night.

The woman, Cathy Exton, had just closed up at the Steer Inn Family Restaurant at 11:00 pm when the robber beat her and stole the store's money.

Surveillance video shows a man running toward the restaurant with a gun in his hand.

What he does when he disappears around the corner, police won't show. They say it's too graphic, but it left the victim calling 911 for help.

When the dispatcher answers she told him, "Yes. This is Cathy Exton at the Steer Inn Restaurant. Could you send a police officer here real quick, please?'"

She continued to explain, "Somebody just beat the **** out of me and took the money and ran off."

A hard call for Exton's boss, Kris Kinzie, to hear. She's like family around the restaurant. "She's extremely loving, caring, giving, do anything for her fellow-man. Yet, she's the one that's picked out to be hurt," said Kinzie.

The man caught on camera targeted the 59-year-old grandmother as she locked up the store. In the seconds the robber spent behind the building, he was able to pistol whip Exton, crack her skill and break several of her bones according to police.

"This was a person that was full of rage," said Chief Tully Folden.

Chief Folden has known Exton his whole life.

"She's probably one of the sweetest ladies I know," said Chief Folden. "If that person would have asked, I'm sure she would have been more than happy to turn over what she had."

Police say the camera shows the robber never asked for the money. He ended up putting Exton in the intensive care unit while taking it.

"The money is not the important thing, " said Kinzie. "Her health and her well-being is what we`re concerned about."

If you know anything about this crime, call Cushing Police. You could get a cash reward for your tip.