Animal rescue groups save dozens of animals from Oklahoma house

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Organizers with the Bella Foundation say they rescued dozens of animals over the weekend from one home in Lexington.

The Bella Foundation says a woman called them from her Lexington home to ask for help.

“She lost her husband a few days ago in a car wreck, so she was a little bit overwhelmed with all that," said Amanda Morstad. "She’s having to move into an apartment. So, she was just making the responsible decision and asking for some help.”

Rescuers found the animals living in crowded, dirty conditions.

They saved several dogs, cats, hamsters and pot-bellied pigs.

One pig delivered a litter of piglets just one day later.

"She was actually due later this week, but had all of her babies on Sunday," said Morstad. "Seven, seven little babies."

Different vets and organizations around the area are pitching in to help these four-legged friends get back on their feet.

The Bella Foundation wouldn't release the name or location of the woman, but say it was hard for her to give up her animals.

“I know people are afraid of animal cruelty charges, things like that," Morstad said. "But most of the time, as long as you’re cooperative and just show that you’re trying to do what’s best for the animals, that’s the main concern.”

The woman is not facing any criminal charges.

Besides The Bella Foundation, Safe Haven Animal Rescue, Oklahoma Humane Society, Pets and People Humane Society and FETCH Inc. have all taken in animals to nurse them back to health and help find homes for them.

If you want to adopt an animal, you can contact any of the rescue groups above for more information.