Construction mishap forces popular businesses to close

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Many people may take for granted the benefits of having running water but a few local neighborhoods and businesses are trying to live without for a while.

Doing the dishes, laundry and nourishment are things Americans expect in life.

However, a construction mishap in north Oklahoma City forced residents and business owners to abandon their daily routines.

Tricia Bailey said, "Oh my goodness, no bathing. Nothing. No using the bathroom. Brushing your teeth. Nothing."

It was a typical day for Bailey until she turned on the faucet around 4 p.m. Monday.

She said, "Just went to the sink and was trying to turn on the water and nothing happened but a lot of spurting sounds, and realized we were out of water and didn't know why."

Officials say a broken water line near N.W. 55th St. and Western Ave. is to blame for the outage.

We're told construction crews on Western Ave. accidentally drilled into the main water line.

As a result, businesses, like Deep Fork Grill, had no choice but to close their doors.

Charles Torre, the general manager of Deep Fork Grill, said, “You cannot be open without running water."

Torre says he just had to step outside to see what was causing his water pressure to suddenly drop.

"We noticed the water pressure going down and I knew there was construction going on, so I went outside and noticed the water gushing out of the ground,” he said. “I knew that wasn't something you put a Band-aid on and it's going to be fixed quickly.”

Unfortunately, profits in this area were also reduced to a trickle.

Torre said, "Well, it impacts the staff, servers, the people in the kitchen. I mean even the people who love to eat our food."

Oklahoma City hoped to have water running by Tuesday evening.