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Firefighters running into a burning building? That could be a thing of the past

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The dry weather conditions are causing fires to pop up across the state.

Oklahoma City fire crews have been working around the clock lately, trying to stop grassfires from turning into anything bigger.

If the fire happens to consume a building, firefighters are approaching structure fires differently than they did in the past.

Officials say the change was needed because the nature of the fires has changed over the years.

In the past, fire crews had to watch out for wood, wool and cotton.

These days, so many things are made of plastic, which causes fires to spread quicker.

Now, Oklahoma City firefighters are using a method called "Resetting the Fire."

Authorities say they use thermal cameras to measure the internal ceiling temperature of the burning building.

Acting Batt. Chief Tommy Curry, with the Oklahoma City Fire Department, says firefighters will try to cool off the structure by dousing it with water before they ever step inside.

Curry said, "We're knocking the fire down, putting water on the fire. And as soon as we get it down, we go inside the house with other hose lines, trying to completely extinguish the fire. Research that's been done has proven that it lowers the temperatures and gives the occupants a greater chance of survival."

It is also safer for firefighters.

The new method was initiated in September and is now standard practice.