High School passion leads woman to dressing athletes for Winter Games

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KINGSLEY, Mich. - All eyes will be on the athletes at February's Winter Games.

One Michigan woman has a big part in how the figure skaters look under the bright lights.

Stephanie Miller started figure skating in high school and quickly started making her own competition dresses.

"Never dreamed in a million years that I would be doing stuff for Olympic skaters," Miller said.

Setting up shop in her Kingsley, Michigan, home, Miller has been making outfits for all levels of figure skaters for more than 20 years.

Her business got a boost when Meryl Davis and charlie White won a silver medal sporting her creations on Vancouver.

"They just kept calling and calling so sometimes we have to turn them away because we have too many dresses and we don't rush anything," Miller said. "We try to make it a custom-made dress."

Miller said she gets inspiration from the Golden Globes, Red Carpet events and movies.

From there her business partner puts the costume together and Miller takes care of the rest on a product seen around the world.
"Pretty cool at first," Miller said. "Then everybody is calling you, 'Hey, I saw your dress,' and half the time I go to turn it on, oh it's on. Now I see it a lot which it's still very exciting. I'm very humbled to the fact that here I am doing something like that."

Miller said the process takes about two months from start to finish before the costume hits the ice.

"I take great pride," Miller said. "I have thousands of pictures of every dress I've ever done from the lowest little skater to the top Olympian. I have pictures of all my stuff and I keep it proudly in albums upstairs."

A lot of excitment building up to the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

You can see all of the action here on NewsChannel 4 starting Feb. 7.