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Military scientists design ‘Combat Gum’ to battle tooth decay

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If you hate spending time at the dentist’s office, a new gum promises to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

‘Combat Gum’ is packed with the active ingredient that gets rid of plaque.

As you chew, creators say the gum kills bacteria.

Right now, the gum is in clinical trials.

Experts say ‘Combat Gum’ would probably be introduced in the same way as nicotine gum.

First, doctors would prescribe it before it is available in stores.

However, officials say that is still about five years away.

Col. Robert Hale, with the Army Institute of Surgical Research, said, “That’s what we hope. So, when it’s over the counter, then all the moms can buy it for the kids and they can chew on it when they’re 8-years-old, 10-years-old, 12-years-old.”

Military scientists have spent the last seven years developing ‘Combat Gum.’