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Babysitter tattoos girls then mother tries to remove ink with heated razor

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20-year-old Alexander Edwards - WSET.com

20-year-old Alexander Edwards - WSET.com

CONCORD, Va. – A babysitter is accused of tattooing two girls he was watching and if that isn’t bad enough, the girl’s mother then tried to use a heated razor blade to remove the new ink.

According to WSET, 20-year-old Alexander Edwards was watching the girls when he allegedly tattooed them with a home kit.

Police said Edwards inked one girl’s name into her shoulder.

The girls’ mother, 35-year-old Melissa Delp, and her boyfriend, 32-year-old Daniel Janney, allegedly tried to use a heated razor blade to burn off the tattoo.

Edwards is facing charges for abduction, malicious wounding and child neglect.

Delp and Janney are charged with malicious wounding and child abuse.

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