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“Grade Hacker” expelled after allegedly changing grades for 30 classmates

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NEW MEXICO – It’s considered the biggest academic fraud New Mexico’s Gallup School District has ever seen, yet there was no specific policy for it.

“We have a policy in place, but that policy doesn’t address that particular concern,” says school board member Titus Nez.

That concern is a student who got into a computer system and changed the grades for 30 other classmates at Miyamura High School.

“This whole thing started with a student looking over a teacher’s shoulder,” he said.

Teachers say alleged mastermind then threatened to fail others when they didn’t pay up.

Sherina Sam was the only student expelled but she argues the punishment doesn’t fit the crime and is seeking legal counsel.

“The other students got a slap on the wrist,” she said. “The only thing I can do is online high school or a GED, which is the last thing I wanted to do but I really have no choice.”