Local family fighting squirrels for their home, “It’s driving me crazy”

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro woman is facing a battle inside her own home.

The fight involves a broom and the nearly non-stop sound of footsteps.

While it sounds almost harmless, officials say it is a potentially dangerous situation for the woman and her children.

She says she has had enough.

"It sounds like a rat, something big," Brenda Frazier said. "It sounds like a thousand mice running through my ceiling of my kids rooms, my room. It's just terrible."

For about three weeks, Frazier says she has been in a battle.

Frazier said, "I take my broom and I beat on my ceiling and when I do that, they take off scattering."

They scratch from inside the walls and they squeak.

Their feet patter across the ceiling of her home.

She said, "Outrageous, squirrels in my roof. It's driving me crazy. Seriously."

The family says squirrels get inside through a hole in the outside corner of their roof.

She says they come and go as they please.

Frazier added, "They can be quiet."

That's exactly what happened when NewsChannel 4 stopped by the house.

She said, "I'm seeing them jump off of my tree to my roof inside a hole."

But she is afraid they might eventually make their way out another hole and into her home.

"I'm afraid they might chew through something to get in my house, and then what if that happens? Squirrels bite," she said. "It's just scary."

NewsChannel 4 contacted Frazier's landlord, and they tell us they will have an exterminator set up trap cages in her attic to take care of the problem.