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OKC Thunder: Kevin Durant named Western Conference All-Star Starter; Here’s why

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UPDATED: 6:11 p.m. Thursday

Tonight Kevin Durant was named as one of the Western Conference All-Star Starters. Want to know why Kevin Durant was a favorite of 1,396,294 votes? Here’s why:

During a back-and-forth battle with the Portland Trailblazers on Tuesday night, Kevin Durant took his game to a different level.

After receiving a technical foul with three minutes left in the game, Durant showed the Trailblazers and the fans what he could do.

The way he was playing had many of us thinking that he may be one of the best ever and here are some facts to prove it.

1. Even ‘King James’ is jealous of Kevin Durant: It’s described as one of the top rivalries in the NBA; Kevin Durant and LeBron James are always battling for the top spot in the league. Recently, ESPN quoted LeBron James saying, “I get jealous sometimes when I look over at KD and he’s like 16-for-32 and then 14-for-34… Man.” Analysts say that jealousy may actually get worse. LeBron James has won four MVP awards in the last five years but many experts say KD’s stats are putting him in the lead for this year’s trophy.

2. KD’s numbers are historic, leaving opposing teams questioning whether the Holy Trinity could take him down: After the win against the Trailblazers, Durant became the first player in NBA history to have three straight games with 30 or more points while shooting at 66 percent overall and at least 55 percent from behind the arc. Mo Williams, a reserve guard for Portland, told a reporter, “The way he was playing, he probably could have scored on Jesus.”

3. The NBA has created its list of the top 10 plays of his career: If you’ve ever watched a Thunder game, you probably have seen Kevin Durant showcase some of his talents.
However, the NBA went through tons of footage to come up with some of the greatest Kevin Durant moments of his career. Take a look.

4. He’s known for being a team player: While many of the NBA’s superstars are worried about their statistics, Kevin Durant is more concerned with getting a win. With 90 seconds left in the game, Durant is hitting every shot he can take. However it was Kendrick Perkins who took a shot as thousands of fans held their breath.  He said, “To hit a huge shot like that, especially a jump shot, a lot of people I heard screaming ‘no’ when he shot it, but he had so much confidence in himself, and we had confidence in him.  That was a huge shot. He played hard defense all game and to see him get rewarded with that was pretty refreshing. I’ll ride with Perk until the wheels fall off. I’m glad he hit that shot.”