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Divine Intervention: Family says no other way to explain loved one’s miraculous recovery

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When Tony Hall walked into work, he had no idea he would drop dead that day.

Suddenly, without warning, he slumped over the tractor he was driving at Northwest Building Supply.

His family said they were told he suffered sudden cardiac death.

That's when fate took over.

A fellow employee, Brian Lueninghoener, unexpectedly walked into the building.

Brain, one of the few employees who knows CPR, was scheduled to be on a delivery.

He checked Tony's pulse but there was none.

Brian performed CPR on Tony for 18 minutes until an ambulance arrived.

The emergency responders found no pulse and rushed Tony to the hospital.

Tony's family was given no hope.

For six days, Tony was in a coma.

His family sought prayers from around the world.

And then, just as suddenly as he'd died, Tony woke up.

His recovery remains an emotional topic for his work family.

His boss, Cliff Stockton, battled tears as he said, "It's such a God deal. There's not a better feeling than to see Tony here because when he left, they told us there's just no way."

Tony's family surprised Brian Lueninghoener with Spirit Bank's Pay It 4Ward award.

But that was just the beginning of the day's surprises.

Watch the video to see smiles unfold as the unexpected happens not once but twice.