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Some students overlooked during OU shooting scare

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NORMAN, Okla. - Thousands of students at the University of Oklahoma received an emergency text a few minutes after the first threat of danger.

The text read "Shooting on campus. Avoid (Gould Hall). Seek immediate shelter in place."

"I did get it right away and I got the followup that said resume normal activity." OU student Andy Wolfson said.

Police and SWAT teams swarmed onto campus after reports of gunfire.

"Shootings, especially since Newtown, is terrifying, since Aurora its terrifying." Wolfson said. "You don't want to hear there's a shooting at your school."

For a handful of students though, the scary situation was also a very confusing because they never got a text.

"I was just really confused because I had people saying there were other possible incidents and then I had OU saying to resume normal activities and then to find shelter." OU student Melissa Burrough said. "So I was just really confused and I rather would have heard it from the university."

University officials addressed the problem at a press conference. With so many messages going out at once, officials say sometimes people do get missed because no system is foolproof.

The glitch forced Burrough and her friends to turn to social media for answers. She says the university has all her current and updated contact information, and even though work travels fast around campus, she hopes she doesn't get overlooked again.

"I mean I'm not too upset about it because I did get the information, you know, eventually and everything but I just hope they can kinda figure those things out before something serious like really does happen."