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Thieves steal bottle of wine, J. Crew clothes from new homeowner

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A homeowner barely got settled in to a new home before crooks decided to help themselves to his things.

Alex Kroblin came home Tuesday afternoon to find his new home in disarray.

Burglars stole thousands of dollars worth of loot from his home.

He said, "Admittedly, they're nice clothes but who steals clothes? I don't know."

Computers, a television, cameras and other valuable items were taken from a house Kroblin just started calling home last month.

One particularly bizarre item the crooks took was a single bottle of wine from the fridge, which was surrounded by several others.

Kroblin said, "It was still ice-cold when I got home. Clearly, it had been staged so they could take it, but why they took that one and not the other one, I don't know. It was a good one."

He said, "It seemed like the burglars had just fled out the back door."

Kroblin believes the thieves took to new heights to break into his home.

He claims they reached through the doggy door to get inside.

He said, "I'm not sure how you open that without breaking it unless it had already been unlatched from the inside, in which case I wouldn't notice."

Kroblin says repairmen have been in and out of his house recently and he fears it could have been a legitimate job that let the perpetrators inside.

Now, he's left with a deductible that is too high to cover the expenses the thieves left behind.

However, he says no cost is too high to feel safe.

He said, "It's a very violating feeling to have someone break into your house."

Kroblin said, "If I see anyone decked out in J. Crew, I'm going to have to stop and talk to them."