Agency announces plans to keep Oklahoma students safe

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma School Security Institute announced Thursday its plans to boost school safety this year.

Kim Carter, Director of the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security, said it begins with communication.

Carter said, "One of the recommendations is having a tip line that could be used by students, parents, teachers, school staff members or anyone else that might have important information to share about the potential for violence at one of our schools."

He also said there will be an all encompassing safety and security course offered to schools.

Carter said, "After schools attend these courses, members of the OSSI staff will work personally with these schools. It will be not only with school security issues, but with safety issues like tornadoes, fires and even hazardous material spills."

Oklahoma Lt. Governor Todd Lamb said there is another factor that has glaringly come to the forefront.

He said, "Nobody in their right mind goes into a school and starts harming children. There's a large mental health component to school security."

There will be a course to help teaching staff and administration identify students who may be in crisis before they resort to violence.