Storms possible this weekend

Determined home builder chases down thieves

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Lawmen swarmed a neighborhood near Rockwell and N.W. 178th after a home builder called them and said he was chasing down some thieves.

"He confronted them at one location and they got out and assaulted him and he backed off and they continued on," said Lt. Dale Marshall with the Oklahoma City police department.

The suspects dumped their trailer with a concrete mixer on it in the neighborhood then drove into a field just north of the area.

When police arrived, the suspects jumped out of the car and tried to run.

Police quickly chased down two of the suspects, but one stayed hidden for about an hour; wearing only jeans and a t-shirt in the frigid weather.

He dropped his coat in his haste to get away.

"He had a cell phone with him. He was able to call somebody to come pick him up. We were able to identify that person. We stopped them and she told us that the subject was still here in our perimeter and he eventually gave himself up," said Lt. Marshall.

Police recovered all the stolen equipment as well - the concrete mixer and dozens of scaffolding forms the thieves had thrown in the back of their pickup truck.

All three men were booked into the county jail on charges of grand larceny.