It’s a list that no one wants to be on, Oklahoma makes it in the top 10

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma is known for a few positive things across the country and it also has made its appearance on a few lists over the years.

It's usually for things like affordability and business growth.

Recently, the Sooner State made its mark on a list that no one wants to be on.

According to an article by Yahoo, Oklahoma ranked in the top 10 of "States with the Worst Schools."

Oklahoma made its way to number 10 on the list.

Organizers cited the Sooner State's 73.9 percent high school graduation rate, which is the 20th worst in the country.

Also, the poll cited the cost of education per student, which comes in at $9,075.

Officials say that is the eighth lowest cost per student in the country.

The Yahoo article said, "The state received a D in student achievement, driven in part by poor proficiency scores in reading and math, especially among eighth graders. Students also lacked the opportunity to succeed. Young adult Oklahomans were among the least likely Americans to pursue a higher degree, and state adults were among the least likely to have a post secondary degree."

The list is as follows:

  1. Mississippi
  2. Louisiana
  3. New Mexico
  4. West Virginia
  5. Alabama
  6. Alaska
  7. South Carolina
  8. South Dakota
  9. Michigan
  10. Oklahoma.