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Oklahoma woman credits cat with saving her life

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WELLSTON, Okla. - An Oklahoma woman says a cat, who she took in as a kitten, is the reason she is alive.

Mary Franklin took in a 12-week-old kitten who was struggling with a heart murmur.

She named the kitten Miss Scarlett O'Hara.

At the time, Franklin was suffering complications with a wound left behind from a serious surgery.

Her nurse visited her each day to make sure everything was healing the way it should with the injury.

Scarlett would constantly watch the nurse and would try and help her owner.

“She would lie next to the wound, letting her body warm the area and purr,” Franklin says. “The purring vibrations were soothing to the wound and would soon lull me to sleep.”

After the wound healed, Franklin was diagnosed with diabetes.

Scarlett would take notice of subtle changes and awoke Franklin one morning.

Her blood sugar reading was 40, which is 30 to 60 milligrams lower than what is considered normal.

Franklin stumbled to get food but Scarlett would not calm down.

She said, “By midday, she started vocalizing, as if she was hungry, but her food dish was full. I realized she was getting more intense with her vocalization.”

When Franklin stood up, she nearly passed out.

Her blood glucose level was 495 and no one was in the house to help.

She immediately called her granddaughter for help.

Franklin says Scarlett is her "wonderful gift from God."

For her watchfulness, the Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association will induct her into the Animal Hall of Fame next month.