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OSBI: One common move could give your personal information to thieves

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OKLAHOMA CITY – After millions of customers’ information was stolen during a hacking scandal at a popular retailer, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is warning residents of another popular scam.

We’ve all heard of “skimmers” at gas pumps but now officials say the thieves behind some of the operations are stealing millions from customers.

According to Krebs on Security, 13 men allegedly ran a multi-million dollar fraud ring after installing Bluetooth-enabled “skimmers” throughout the southern part of the United States.

Prosecutors say the men stole more than $2.1 million from customers at gas stations in Georgia, South Carolina and Texas.

The OSBI says if you use your ATM card at gas pumps, thieves can access your PIN information and withdraw up to $300 per day.

Officials offered a few tips to avoid becoming a victim:

  • The best practice is to pay in cash inside the gas station.
  • The second best is to get a gas card.
  • If you cannot pay in cash or with a gas card, use a regular credit card.

Authorities say it is much easier to fight fraudulent charges on credit cards than on debit cards.

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