Conflicting Reports: Is a ghost ship with diseased rats headed toward U.K.?

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EDINBURGH, Scotland – After numerous reports of a ghost ship filled with diseased rats floating toward the British coasts hit the papers, many residents became concerned about the dangers that could come with it making landfall.

The Lyubov Orlova was impounded in Canada because of a dispute over money.

The crew deserted the ship, which was then being towed to the Dominican Republic to become scrap metal.

On its way to the scrap yard, the ship decided to make its great escape when the tow line broke.

According to the LA Times, the ship was set loose at sea in 2010.

Now, officials are reporting that the ship’s beacons were triggered last year.

Those reports have led many to believe the ship is headed toward the United Kingdom and could make landfall.

What has more people concerned is the belief that the ship is now home to hundreds of rats, which have been forced to feed off of each other in order to survive.

However, the Smithsonian says those are just theories and there is nothing that leads them to believe the reports are true.