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Great State: Herb’s Rocks

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COMANCHE, OKLAHOMA -- They might look like rocks, but to Herb Macy they are a travelogue through both personal and geologic history.

Back in 1967 he took over an old car dealership south of Comanche and opened Herb's Rock Shop.

He and his wife would spend part of the year hunting rocks.

They'd spend the rest selling them or making jewelry from their finds.

He collected some pretty interesting stuff over the years.

Herb showed us a hip bone from a dinosaur he found on a trip to Colorado.

He showed us some other dinosaur 'material' he found on the same trip.

"This here's coprolite," he smiles. "It's petrified dinosaur poop."

Herb's dad took him to a cave in Arkansas when he was 7 or 8 years old.

Macy was hooked after that.

Open just a few days a week now, the rock ship is stacked with just about every kind of rock there is, inside and out, the history of the world in small to medium size pieces.

A visitor asks Macy to identify a pile of rocks on the ground outside the shop.

He replies, "Oh. that's just a Duke's mix of rocks."

There used to be more rock shops in Oklahoma.

More rock hounds too.

Herb calls it a dying hobby, but that just means there's more for him to collect.

"The rest of them are pieces I've picked up over the past 30 to 35 years I guess," he says.

Millions of years and one rockhound's life, all in one building, and outside too.

Herb's Rock Shop is located on the south side of Comanche on Highway 81.