Winter weather creating problems for propane consumers

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Oklahoma--As the cold weather rests over much of the nation, propane consumers are demanding more propane be delivered to their states.

Although Oklahoma doesn't have it as bad as the states up north we are still feeling the affects of the cold conditions statewide.

With 400,000 propane consumers in the state and propane shortages boosting prices to nearly 5 dollars a gallon, Governor Fallin issued a state of emergency for propane.

The state of emergency waives licensing requirements for eligible out of state transporters as well as increases the hours and consecutive days they can work.

Richard Hess with Oklahoma LP Gas Research Marketing and Safety Commission says the state of emergency has increased the amount of propane coming into the state a great deal. "I think in the future we will find that propane prices will go back to what they were, the market will adjust this wont last very long but today this creates a real issue"

Propane experts say once the weather warms up local propane manufacturers should start producing in Oklahoma again, eliminating the need to import from out of state facilities.