Collins Changes Life Through Storm, Talbott

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Chauncey Collins is scoring 40 plus points for the Oklahoma City Storm with near regularity and trying to lead them back to the home school national championship.

Collins didn't always have it so easy.

When the now high school senior was 16, he moved out of his parents home and quit going to school.

Six months later, Collins met Kurt Talbott.

Talbott is head coach of the Oklahoma City Storm, a high school basketball team made up of home school kids from around Oklahoma City.

Talbott convinced Collins to join the storm, straighten out his academics through home schooling with the Talbott's and even let the 16 year old move in with his family part time.

Collins has made the most of the opportunity, he only needs one credit to graduate this spring and has earned a basketball scholarship to TCU.

Nate Feken has the story of the home school kids taking down Oklahoma's top public schools and Collin's transformation.