Oklahoma Politician Takes on National Talk Show Host

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Talk show host Piers Morgan and Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm went head to head on the C-N-N show Monday night.

Dahm filed a state senate bill which pushes for lawmakers to allow law-abiding citizens to carry firearms without a license.  Dahm then named in the Piers Morgan Act.”

Morgan is a gun-control advocate, so this got him fired up and he invited Dahm on the show.

The interview was only 10 minutes, but it was the clear the two didn’t agree on anything except mental health was an issue that needed to be dealt with.

“I didn’t name this for publicity for myself, but actually on the issue and because he is such a proponent for gun control and restrictions. I figured he, I thought he could bring some light and talk about this subject.  That way the purpose to get discussion on the bill and the 2nd amendment” says Dahm.

Below is a portion of that interview.