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In Your Corner: Contractor in hot water

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MOORE, OKLA. - Jason Atchison is way behind schedule on his new Old School Bagel shop in Moore.

He said, “We're incurring additional rent, loss revenue, expenses we're already paying for.”

The small business owner blames most of the hold up on contractor, Michael Kennedy.

He's the guy paid $100,000 to do the build out.

“The work is good,” Atchison said. “It looks good.”

It just wasn't done on time.

Plus, Jason says Kennedy never paid the cabinet subcontractor like he was supposed to.

To avoid a lien, Jason ponied up more than $12,300 to cover the outstanding bill.

It was a blow to his pocketbook. Not to mention he was already reeling from a major work accident.

He claims Kennedy also harassed him for cash while he was in the ICU.

The complaints don't stop there.

This electrician says Kennedy stiffed him on two jobs totaling about $2,500.

In Canadian county, there are more legal problems for the contractor, where he's charged with embezzling over $100,000 from Chaudhry Sahi.  

He said, “He got paid by me, but didn't pay his subcontractors.”

Kennedy and his attorney, Don Jackson, refused on an on-camera interview. They had no comment. Kennedy will get his day in court.

Friday, a judge found there was enough evidence to warrant a criminal trial. 

Meanwhile, it's a fight of survival for dissatisfied customers, like Sahi.

“I borrowed money from my friends, from my family, from the bank and paid one of the subcontractors because they were about to foreclose my property,” Sahi said.

Michael Kennedy is accused of operating his business without any insurance.

He filed bankruptcy last year, but has since started up a new contracting company called Innovative Commercial Construction.

His arraignment in Canadian County is scheduled for next month and we'll be there to bring you the latest.