MUST SEE: Cancer survivor surprised by Spirit Bank Pay It 4Ward

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DEL CITY, Okla. - Destiny Church in Del City is barely big enough to contain all the people impacted by Linda Sanders.

Longtime friend, Lavata Crawford said, "It's been her whole life. I've watched it. I've learned from it. I've appreciated all the things that she does, for every person in here I believe."

From peanut brittle fundraisers and shuttling folks to doctor's appointments, to organizing and preparing meals for her church and the home bound, Linda Sanders is the definition of "servant."

That's why her friends have nominated her for Spirit Bank's Pay It 4Ward.

Linda's friend lured her to church for a "prayer meeting."

In reality, it's a surprise 25th anniversary party and we were invited.

What makes Linda even more extraordinary, she's been serving others, while battling aggressive stage 4 breast cancer.

Linda said, "Doctors told me I would not come home alive."

It's been a 6-year fight that she's determined to win.

Linda doesn't know how much time she has left, nobody does, really.

But she's enjoying every single moment.

She'll continue to serve, unconditionally, as long as God allows.

Linda told us, "These are great people, giving and loving and I would do anything for anybody in this room. I think they know it."

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