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Officials: Baby left alone at busy mall was honest mistake

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A handful of shoppers and customers noticed a baby in a stroller left alone next to a kiosk for about 20 minutes around 5  p.m. Wednesday.

Mall security and DHS were called.

One witness said, "We noticed the stroller and couples kept leaving and then we thought, 'whose baby is that?' We went inside the stores around us to see if any parents were looking for their kid."

Oklahoma City Police told NewsChannel 4 the parents of that baby were shopping separately, each assuming the other had the infant.

Officers said the couple bumped into each other just before 7 p.m. and became frantic when they realized neither had the little one.

"It's really weird to see that someone would forget their baby," a witness said. "That doesn't make sense, you can forget your keys but you don't forget a baby."

Police said DHS was contacted but decided not to intervene and take the child into custody because they believed it was an honest mistake.

Witnesses tell us that was obvious by how frantic the parents were and the fear on their faces.

The 6-month-old is home with parents and officials said there is no concern for the infant's safety.