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Can your canine companion play a role in detecting cancer?

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Doctors usually rely on sight, sound and touch when diagnosing certain diseases.

Yet they rarely use the sense of smell, even though many diseases do have their own distinct chemical makeup, but is not obvious to the human nose.

Now with special training, dogs are being used to develop new diagnostic tests for certain illnesses by using their keen sense of smell.

What kind of diseases are they sniffing out?

Dogs are being trained to sniff out Ovarian Cancer.

Why this particular cancer?

Scientists know that early Ovarian Cancer cells have special odors that can’t be identified by standard methods, because they intertwine with other odors in the tissues.

But a dog can recognize and weed out the cancer odor easily.

By using the dog’s sense of smell, researchers hope to narrow down a specific odor so scientists can design a blood or urine test that can detect Ovarian Cancer in its earliest stages.