Propane users can’t escape the cold winter prices

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OKLAHOMA – ┬áPropane prices have skyrocketed in the last few months.

Home owners who rely on propane to heat their homes are paying nearly twice as much as they were in the early months of winter.

With the issuance of the state of emergency on propane by governor fallin, additional propane truckers have made their way into the sooner state, but we have still not seen a decline in the price per gallon.

Rita lane is a resident of Norman uses propane for her home and has tropical birds to look after, she says without heat they cannot survive.

Recently Lanes tank ran empty and she was not able to get her company out to fill the tank for days.

She says she spent full nights making sure the fire is going so her birds will live through the night.

Lane says she’s not the only one who is struggling with the propane shortage. She called many companies who say they are not accepting new customers and are regulating how much each customer can fill their tank.

Experts say this crisis will dissolve once the weather heats up but with the potential storms coming into the sooner state, many families are still very concerned.