“Snowmageddon” is nigh; You know what that means? Grocery store time

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Cindy Johnson

OKLAHOMA – Grocery store shelves across the metro are being wiped out by consumers fearing the worst.

Cindy Johnson

Cindy Johnson

The fear of being snowed in or as many like to refer to it as “Snowmageddon” is a real fear among many.

Consumers rush out hours before a pending storm to buy everything from bottled water to bread and milk.

Recent snow and ice storms cleared the shelves of grocery stores across the U.S.

Here’s a picture sent in by Denise Wyatt from NW Expressway and Rockwell.

Denise Wyatt

Denise Wyatt

She labeled the picture on Facebook as “Snowmageddon.”

Why you ask did she label this photo “Snowmageddon”? Because many flee to the stores to grab as much food as they can.

Here’s a popular video from YouTube that shows how some react when snow enters the state.

You may think it’s a little exaggerated, it is. But to an extent, many do react this way when it comes to winter weather.

If you do plan on rushing to the store to stock up on groceries make sure your vehicle is winter weather prepared.

Also, Don’t forget to stay ahead of the storm with the KFOR weather apps.