In Your Corner Update: Metro woman loses home of 40 years

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OKLA. CITY - Bettye Copeland is that much closer to moving back into the only home she's known for more than 40 years.

You'll remember, fire and smoke devoured Bettye's house.

She doesn't have insurance, barely gets by on a fixed income and takes care of her great-grandson, Josh.

So last summer, the In Your Corner team joined forces with Tim Reardon and Rebuilding Together to rebuild Bettye's home.

“You and I had the conversation,” Reardon said. “You get the people to donate the labor and the materials and I'll herd the cats.”

The community continues to step up in a big way.

Already, we've collected tens of thousands of dollars in donated materials and labor.

The owner of Cannon Drywall offered up his services for free.

Drabek and Hill pitched in a good chunk of change and Gordon's Service Experts installed a brand new heating and air system worth about $10,000.

There are still a few more details to hammer out, but we should have Bettye and Josh moved in by spring.

Bettye said, “It has made me see what good people there really are.”

We'll keep you posted on things.

gray mattersTo help local seniors in your area, visit Rebuilding Together OKC's website.

Gray Matters tickets are on sale now for $55 for one person and $100 for two people.

To get tickets, call (405) 607-0464.

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