UPDATE: Murder victim identified in unsolved case, suspect still on the loose

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GUTHRIE, Okla. - For months, investigators have been trying to figure out the identify of a man who was murdered in January.

Investigators say the man's body was found burning in a Logan County field on Jan. 31.

His hands were bound and his body was thrown in a burn pile.

On Monday, authorities with the Logan county Sheriff's Office and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation have identified the victim as 38-year-old Shawn Luther Masters.

Masters lived in Blanchard and officials say his family has now been notified.

However, his killer remains on the loose.

If you know anything about this case, please call the Logan County Sheriff's Office.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Charred grass is all that's left in the field and most of the evidence disappeared with the flames.

Three miles away on County Rd. 75, the mystery hits home for Langston University students.

Christauna Parker said, "It's a very tragic loss. Especially, if he was on campus or we might have known him."

Investigators were trying to find out if the victim went to school at the university and why his death was so gruesome.

"The obvious answer is either you really don't like that person or you're trying to hide evidence," said Chief Deputy Richard Stephens, with the Logan County Sheriff's Office. "Those are the two reasons you burn evidence."

Chief Deputy Stephens says the victim was college-aged and probably Native American.

On his right upper chest, he had a tattoo of the Cherokee Nation seal.

On his right shoulder, he had the symbol of the bull skull and horned snake, known as Uktena.

"Think of friends you may have seen at a party," said Chief Deputy Stephens. "Think of persons you may have gone golfing with or gone to a fraternity event or any number of public events where people see each other and might remember seeing someone with these very distinctive tattoos."

For now, seeing the deputies on campus combing through rosters for Native American students who didn't show up for class is a heavy reality for students.

"It's very scary," said Rashad Hall. "Whoever did it could still be looking around, lurking around. So, it's very serious that they find who did it."

Investigators are also searching Oklahoma State University's campus for missing students.

They are working with area Native American tribes.

They are also searching mug shot databases to see if any tattoos match the victim's.

If you know any information, call the Logan County Sheriff's Office.

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