Witnesses report assistant coach’s alleged inappropriate behavior to police

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MOORE, Okla. - Parents are waiting for answers after learning about accusations involving a Moore assistant basketball coach.

Police say the incident happened after a Brink Jr. High School basketball game against Central Jr. High School on Jan. 27.

Kelley Harmon said, "It's very discouraging."

Police say those who saw the alleged inappropriate behavior came forward.

Sgt. Jeremy Lewis, with the Moore Police Department, said, "A lot of people saw it and that's what brought it to our attention."

Sgt. Lewis says Moore detectives quickly learned their department wasn't the only one checking in on the coach.

Oklahoma City police are also working a case in which someone accused the coach of touching another student.

Lewis said, "Parents might be, you know, let's go get this guy and all that."

Before officers can arrest the assistant coach, they have to question him.

Until then, they can't charge him with sexual battery.

In fact, they can't even release his name.

Sgt. Lewis said, "We can't just go get someone off accusations even though the accusation angers parents."

NewsChannel 4 began looking into the coach's background.

The Moore Public School District hired him as an assistant coach but he actually teaches at an Oklahoma City Public School.

Back at Brink Jr. High, parents are proud someone spoke up at the game.

"Absolutely," said Harmon. "Whether it's your child or somebody else's, nobody should touch a child, period."

Moore Public School District officials say the coach no longer works there.

Oklahoma City Public School District officials say he is on administrative leave until the investigation is finished.

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