Oklahomans losing weight on a biblically-inspired diet

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Ushering in the New Year often comes with hopes of a healthier, lighter you.

For some, the guide for dieting in 2014 is the Bible!

Jennifer Laws is among thousands of Oklahomans participating in a church fast.

The "Daniel Fast" inspires people to lose weight and gain spiritual enlightenment.

Laws said, "We're a self-focused society. So, it's all about what we can eat and when we can eat it."

Pastor Herbet Cooper, of People's Church, says the purpose is to shift focus from food to faith.

He said, "That's really what the 'Daniel Fast' is all about. Giving up what we love, that's food, and certain types of food so we can spend more time in scripture and worship and hearing from God."

Most versions of the 'Daniel Fast' are improvised because the Bible does not give detailed instructions.

For the most part, it includes raw vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains.

However, participants are encouraged to avoid dairy, meat or sugar for 10 to 21 days.

Laws says the "diet" has given her new insight.

She no longer relies on food as a coping mechanism.

Laws said, "The power of Jesus in me is stronger than that chocolate pudding or that quesadilla or french fries."

She says she's already lost several pounds, is sleeping better and has more energy.

The Laws family plans to incorporate the 'Daniel Fast' into their daily routine.

Laws said, "How can you not when your eyes have been opened to see there's so many better options out there? Through this fast, I've learned to choose those options and turn away from the options that aren't so healthy for me or my family."

For many, it's a healthy New Year, physically and spiritually.

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