Teen testifies against friends in Duncan ‘boredom’ murder of Australian athlete Christopher Lane

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DUNCAN, Okla. - One teen has testified against two others accused in the "boredom" murder of Australian athlete Christopher Lane in Duncan.

James Edwards, Jr. is now being considered a witness and recounted what happened in the car back in August when Lane was shot to death while jogging.

The day Lane was gunned down while jogging was described in gory detail by Edwards, who is also being charged in his murder.

According to testimony, Edwards says Michael Jones and Chancey Luna picked him up at a friend's house on Aug. 16, 2013 to take him to a probation meeting at the courthouse.

He also added that Luna and Jones were acting differently than normal, describing them as quiet and cold.

According to attorneys, Edwards said he was in the passenger seat, Jones was driving and Luna was in the backseat and fired the fatal shot.

Edwards claims he was rolling a blunt at the time of the shooting.

He testified that the car swerved and Luna fired a gun out the window.

When Edwards looked back, he said he saw a man clutch his side before falling to the ground.

During the testimony, Edwards claimed they pulled into a parking lot to hide the bullets and gun before dropping him off at his probation meeting.

When he told them he was afraid of seeing the police, Luna allegedly said, "Don't worry, you didn't do anything."

Edwards also claimed he overheard Luna say, "I thought there were supposed to be blanks in the gun."

At that time, he claimed Jones replied, "Me too. I'm sorry."

According to KSWO in Lawton, the charges against Edwards are being amended and he is now facing an additional charge of accessory after the fact.

Court records state Edwards asked someone to get rid of the gun allegedly used in Lane's murder.

He was originally charged with first-degree murder.

The preliminary hearing will pick back up on Feb. 19.

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