Two teens face arson charges, accused of setting student’s hair on fire at school

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - A pair of 15-year-old girls is facing first-degree arson charges in Midwest City.

The pair is accused of setting fire to a student's hair during school at Midwest City High School.

The alleged arson took place inside the commons area of the high school last month.

Prosecutors claim surveillance video shows two students lighting another girl's hair on fire.

According to court records, Kayleigh Wagaman took her lighter out and "lit it behind the victim to freak her out."

The affidavit adds the second suspect, Kaila Stowe, took the lighter and "she lit... little strands of hair hanging down near the victim's neck... and a large portion of her hair caught on fire."

That suspect says she never intended to commit a crime.

The suspect said, "Yeah.  I didn't mean for it to catch all on fire."

NewsChannel 4 also went to the second suspect's house but was quickly told to leave.

One suspect's relative said, "We're not going to answer any questions. Our attorney is James Pasquali.  You're welcome to talk to him."

Pasquali wrote in a statement, "I believe there is somewhat of a misunderstanding here.  I believe this matter will be sorted out fairly."

At this time, it is unclear how badly the victim was burned.

A spokesperson with the school district added, "We have taken immediate disciplinary action against the suspects.  The students involved have been removed from the school for the remainder of the school year. As always, student safety is a priority."

The victim's family didn't want to talk about the case.

Both girls are charged as youthful offenders and are not in custody.

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