Ugly side of the Olympics: What Sochi is doing to make it pleasant for visitors

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SOCHI, Russia (NBC) – While many tourists and journalists talk about the Olympic games, they usually mention a side of Sochi that isn’t broadcast on major networks.

The cramped bathrooms and the government’s views on homosexuality are just a couple of topics that took center stage before the opening ceremony.

However, one topic in particular has animal activists fuming.

Last year, Sochi officials announced they would build a shelter to house all the stray animals roaming the city streets.

As the Olympics are approaching, no shelter has been built.

However, there was still the problem of stray dogs wandering toward tourists.

In fact, a stray even made an appearance at a rehearsal for the opening ceremony.

Now, animal activists have learned that a company has been hired to kill all the stray animals in Sochi throughout the Olympic games.

They are still calling for a shelter to be built and several Russian organizations are trying to find homes for the strays on their own.

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