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Pay it 4Ward: 90-year-old woman passes on her love and passion for piano to students

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Tonight's Pay It 4Ward features a woman in her 90s who still uses her god-given gifts to reach young people in her community through the Ivory on piano.

As you'll see she never expected to be rewarded for her dedicated service all these years.

Lucy Alexander is passing on her love and passion of the piano to young students in Oklahoma City. This is the music of her life. Helping kids free of charge.

NewsChannel4 surprised Lucy with the 400 dollar Pay It Forward award while she was teaching youngsters piano at the National Women In Agriculture Association at16th and MLK in OKC.

Lucy, as is  her fashion, accepted with surprise and humility.  "Oh my goodness.  Thank you so much.  I never expected anyone to do something this nice for me.

It sure comes in handy because it's the end of the month (we presented the award to her on January 30th) and sometimes there is more month than money left at this time."

For parents who have kids learning the tricks of the keyboard with Lucy, she is more than music instructor...she helps them with the melodies of life as well.  She never tires of giving her time and talent to others.

Lucy Alexander and Pay It Forward...a combination that have that go hand in hand.