Seven bills introduced to repeal “Common Core” school standards in Oklahoma

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OKLAHOMA CITY – After Oklahoma parents and educators raised concerns about new federal academic standards called Common Core, state legislators filed seven different bills that would repeal the new standards.

Currently, there are five bills in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and two in the Oklahoma Senate.

Some Oklahoma teachers say there is cause for concern.

Tiffani Patrick is a reading coach at Spring Creek Elementary in Deer Creek meets with students who need a more one-on-one approach to learning “Common Core” standards.

The lessons are more in-depth than what her kids are used to but they're supposed to develop critical thinking skills by asking students to explain how they came to an answer.

"They were telling us it was going to give us more time to go in-depth. It was going to be cross-curricular,” says Patrick. “It sounded great."

But she read into it a little closer and became concerned.

So did many Oklahoma parents. Many of them protesting, speaking out at the capital against common core.

They reached out to their legislators for help and they listened.

Six different lawmakers have proposed seven pieces of legislation to repeal the standards.

“Where there is smoke there's fire. Maybe there's a problem," says Representative Jason Nelson. "I think people understand the importance of standards. They have to be the right standards. If there's a concern that maybe these aren't then it's the right thing to do."

But Patrick asks legislators not to rush to appeal common core.

Oklahoma teachers just need more time getting students up to speed.

“There is a point of developmental readiness,” says Patrick. "How they develop as young children, that has not changed. But the standards for what they must to do have changed."

Patrick says she can see the long-term goals of ”Common Core” but that's if we get there.

If passed any of the seven bills will repeal the standards in July.

Restore Oklahoma Public Education has compiled a list of the seven "Common Core" bills. Click here for more information.