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UPDATE: Facebook responds to father’s emotional plea with ‘a little piece of everything’

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VANDALIA, Mo. – After Facebook began making one minute long movies for its members, one family in Missouri sent out a plea on the Internet to ask for help seeing a relative’s.

Jessie Berlin was 21-years-old when he passed away on Jan. 28, 2012.

He was an aspiring musician who died in his sleep.

His cause of death has been ruled inconclusive.

After the videos started appearing on Facebook, Jesse’s father, John, created a video of his own.

Berlin said, “I sent out a couple of emails, I didn’t get a response and I thought, you know, I’ll just make a video.”

John says he simply wants to view the video that every Facebook user now has access to through their account.

However, he has never received the necessary credentials to access his son’s account.

He posted the plea to YouTube in hopes of getting the attention of executives at the social networking site.

The YouTube video went viral with over a million views and caught the attention of a television station, who contacted Facebook.

On Wednesday night, a representative from Facebook called Berlin to tell him that he would be given access to Jesse’s account and a ‘Look Back’ video would be ready in just a few days.

Berlin said, “And they also said they’re going to look at possibly changing their policy a little bit for family members who have loved ones who have passed away so they can memorialize their page and make it an easier process.”

For Berlin, the 62 second video will mean the world to them as they still try to cope with the unexpected loss of their son.

He said, “It brings just a little more closure to us. We just want a little piece of everything. We can access his account, the most popular post, just little things like that would mean a lot to us.”