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6-year-old Oklahoma girl survives stroke, heading home from hospital

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BETHANY, Okla.- A 6-year-old girl is going home Friday after spending the last few weeks recovering from a stroke.

Believe it or not, strokes are a leading cause of death in the United States and it doesn't just affect adults.

In all, six out of every 100,000 children are affected by a stroke.

The family was at church when 6-year-old Kinslee Roe collapsed.

Heather Roe, Kinslee's mother, said, "She was just kind of rolling her head side to side, eyes were open, then they were closed, then she was moaning and crying.”

Doctors eventually discovered that the left side of Kinslee's brain is underdeveloped.

They say she has small arteries and a blood clot disorder, all factors that played a role in the stroke.

Heather Roe said, "She's 6-years-old, there's no way she could have had a stroke.”

Aaron Roe, Kinslee's father, said, "She was healthy as an ox.”

Doctors recommended a clot bursting drug, which came with possibly harsh side effects.

Heather said, "He said, 'Can I have a moment with my wife?' As a mom, I'm like, why does he need a moment? My obvious answer is yes, but it was more so to pray together about it.”

Amazingly, the drug saved Kinslee's life.

Doctors say she is regaining control of her body and improving each day with physical therapy and aspirin.

She has learned how to use her arms and legs again, basic movements she lost after suffering a stroke in early January.

Tami McMichael, a pediatric nurse practitioner, said, "Aspirin provides a great thinning of the blood, so that blood clotting doesn't happen in an abnormal way.”

Just weeks after her stroke, Kinslee is going home.

Brooklynn Roe, Kinslee's sister, said, "When I heard Kinslee was coming out on Friday, I was amazed by all the progress she's been doing.”

Kinslee still has a long road ahead to a full recovery.

The family is selling "Pray for Kinslee" t-shirts and accepting funds at the "Donations for Kinslee Roe" at any BancFirst.

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