Gym trainer saves woman: ‘Nobody passing away on my clock’

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PRAGUE, Okla. - It's a day this Prague woman will never forget.

Sept. 18, 2013 is etched in Kim Steele's mind forever.

Steele said, "I'm not a fitness nut but I do like to work out.  I was on this treadmill the day I had my heart attack, just minding my own business."

But on that day, her workout almost became deadly when she suffered a heart attack.

She said, "Prior to my heart attack,  I had no idea I had anything going on. My cholesterol was fine. My blood pressure was fine."

However, the gym's surveillance camera showed that everything was far from fine.

Steele collapsed mid-stride on the treadmill.

Travis Burdine, a trainer at the gym, rushed to her aid and called for help.

He said, "She'd fallen off and basically I saw there was a big bruise on top of her head. I bent down to check on her, I thought she was going into a seizure to be honest. Basically, she went from a seizure and turned purple. We laid her down and basically started CPR on her."

Workers called 911 and Kim's husband, Chris Steele.

Chris Steele said, "The phone rang and they said, 'It's bad. She's not breathing and they're starting CPR now."

Doctors say Travis starting CPR when he did probably saved Kim's life.

Kim also knows that women need to take heart health seriously.

She said, "The risk factor that they said contributed most was family history."

She's also learned that working out with Travis has an added bonus.

He said,"I don't like nobody passing away on my clock."

Travis received the 2014 Oklahoma Heart Hero award.

It honors ordinary Oklahomans that step out of their safety zones to save someone through CPR.

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